Sunday, 27 March 2011

An Evening of Comic Song

Friday 25th March 19:30

Another fabulous SingSoc social, this time to see Pete Taylor, Jon Openshaw and Robert Webb in an Evening of Comic Song at the Lantern Theatre. I had a good idea of which songs they would sing tonight and essentially I was right. The songs were from various productions such as Avenue Q, Victoria Wood, Monty Python etc. What I wasn't expecting was the way the songs were arranged into a story of their lives (loosely based on truth). It was particularly funny when one of the trio made a mistake/ forgot a line. The natural friendships they have was obvious and relaxed therefore making each blunder funny and almost essential. The general theme was smutt, which was not to the taste of some of the audience. A couple of which did not stay until the end- all I can say is that they were warned! An excellent night..more from this trio me thinks!

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