Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year, New Blog

So I thought I'd just give you a brief introduction to me. I'm just starting the second year of a PGDip Adult Nursing course at Sheffield Hallam University, which is also my final year (gulp!). 
I previously studied at Manchester Metropolitan University reading MSc Human Behavioural Ecology. I completed the first term before moving to Hallam and have fading hopes of actually finishing one day. Before that I was at the University of Sussex reading BSc Biology. 

I loved studying and living in Brighton, it is the place I feel happiest and most at home but I have increasing less hope of making it my home. I considered reading Nursing at Brighton University but as soon as I found out the course was run in Eastbourne, I turned towards Sussex, and have absolutely no regrets about that. For one, it was where I met my now fiancée, Beth.

I was never sure that Nursing is for me. My ultimate goal is to research sexual health. At the moment, the plan is to work on any ward when I qualify until I find the job I want in a sexual health ward/family planning clinic. I know that I can't put up with the antisocial hours that are involved in Nursing forever, especially not when child(ren) come into the picture.

As well as training in wards, my life is mainly consumed my the huge amount of uni work that is needed to qualify. Beth and I are currently struggling to save up for a house here in Sheffield and a wedding. At the moment, it will be a civil partnership unless the law changes in the next two years (there's always hope!).

Anyway, in a nutshell, thats me. I will mainly use this blog as a vent for me but will also mention my hobbie plans and projects including travel, sewing, knitting, painting, etc...